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Default Re: check out this cold weather mask!

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
LOL Darrick, when eating from the sandwich of life. take big bites. Do more then we possible can do and live. Plan to exceed the norm. (in Spanish accent) We don need no stinking sanity....
Spanish accent: My name is Inigo Montoya, you keel my sanity, prepare to belie.

talked me into it- I'm bidding on a neoprene balaclava on eBay now

Also might opt to get my Super Villain on and try to low-ball for one of these (with lenses or mesh eye holes) Should do the job for the cold rain or wind.

Army of Two Salem Airsoft Mask Type K - eBay (item 120502527885 end time Jan-04-10 21:21:44 PST)

ARMY of TWO SALEM PAINTBALL BB AIRSOFT MASK - JOKER - eBay (item 320454347468 end time Dec-26-09 08:08:58 PST)

ARMY OF TWO MASK AIRSOFT PAINTBALL PROP DEAD - eBay (item 170385121210 end time Dec-18-09 22:12:44 PST)
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