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Default Re: 2 stroke straight pipe

Originally Posted by Norman View Post
I make my own pipes I don't think they are what you would call true tuned pipe but I've made 4. Two for my bikes and one for Cruiser and one for Ilikeabikea and they didn't complain. I still have the rough patterns if you boys and girls are interested. The metal to use to make these is go to the body shops and ask for the wreaked body panels the shops will give them to you. I made all the pipes out of a dodge hood skin and a oxy/ acet. torch. I have pictures on this forum of my bikes with their pipes.
One week end me and ilikeabikea put on a live video how to on making a pipe on this forum so we showed that the average guy could do it, some of you people saw it quite boring.
Hi Norman, Yes, I am VERY interested in the patterns you have. If you can would you mind emailing them to me? here's my email addy:
If you don't mind me asking, do you have another one laying around that you are not using? I would love to be able to have an idea of what the finished product is like. Maybe even try it out on my bike before I do a build on the pipe. If not that's ok. I know you don't really know me or anything. So that's cool. Can you give me a link to the video where you showed how to make a pipe? I would NOT find it boring.

Don't know if I said this yet but my next door neighbor is a welder and he will help me out with just about anything I want to make. He's really good too. He can even weld from blueprints.

Guess I should go now. I look forward to your pattern and "maybe" a pipe. You have been so very helpful. Thanks a bunch!
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