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Default Re: anyone ever installed pull start?

Originally Posted by AaronF View Post
Justin, I checked your website for the pull starter and didn't seem to find it anywhere on there.
Sorry, They are sold Out at the moment. Not due to a high demand neither. Never reordered them..

new gasbike stuff 014.jpg
Heres the pic.of the ones we normally sell. They only come in silver.

In my own opinion, these pull starts are meant for a jack shafted bike.
The SBP shift kit comes with the wider cranks "Needed".
The SBP shift kits can be started from a dead stop.
The SBP shift kits are very hard to start without the pull start due to the freewheel. Bike keeps rolling when clutch is released. You must pedal against the motor in order for it to fire up! While not reefing on your cranks.

Single speed bikes must be brought up to speed before the clutch is released anyway. You can not start from a stop so to speak.
If you are running a small tire or a large sprocket you can, but thats it.
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