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Default Re: Optimum Ambient Temperature For Motor When Riding

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
the ideal temperature for my chinee motor is precisely 298.555 degrees Kelvin, with an absolute humidity of 16.6 grams per meter cubed, with an optimum sea-level pressure of 101.325 kPa (1013.25 mbar, or hPa) or 29.921 inches of mercury (inHg) or 760 millimeters (mmHg).

i'd prefer better than the average 0.9 drag coefficient, and the adhesion coefficient with my front drum brake and rear coasterbrake is 0.85 on dry ground which calculates to a stopping distance of 76.83 feet from 45mph (obviously.)

now, i'm sure my engine would run better if i could lower the drag coefficient, perhaps by half, which would put the drag at 43.118701 Newtons, and my Relative Velocity at 40.5 mph (based on a 0% grade and a 45mph measured velocity,) but unfortunately, my engine can't control the environment it functions in.

to simplify, 75 degrees, sunny and dry, no wind, flat ground, near the beach.
Hey thanks. What is your calculated r-square value when determining the coefficient? That would help a lot.
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