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Default Re: Schwinn Computer Question

I hate to be negative, but I tried two different electronic computers (albeit neither was a Schwinn) and neither would work while the engine was on. Too much field interference from the magneto. I toyed with the idea of trying to work up some shielding, but I think it would require totally insulating/isolating the motor from the bike frame, but the mag is strong enough, I am not sure the insulation would have cured the field effect, as the trip computer/speedo works on very small current anyway. One of the shielding fixes I considered was using sielded CAT5 cable from the sensor to the computer, and fabing an insulated steel or aluminium 'box' in which to mount the computer to try to shield it from the mag; it might work, but a whole lot of effort. I just found an old mechanical speedo on e-bay for $10.

Having said that, I've seen some posts that some folks have made the electronic ones work, so maybe you'll be ok. As to your actual question, long as you do a quality splice of the sensor feed wire (I suggest soldering the re-splice and applying either heat-shrink tube or silicone for a good seal) the shorter wire should actually be better, not worse (less line loss).

Good luck!

"Captain Easy"
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