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Default Re: Gas Tank Liners, RUST prevention

I have a trail-bike (Yamaha oil-pumper 2 stroke) that was stored for several years. When I renovated it I found two things. One the clutch was stuck engaged and the tank had a lot of little holes in it. Epoxy lining was the only fix.

The clutch is oil filled multi-plate. The constant pressure squeezed out the oil and the plates stuck together. Now I store it with the clutch lever partially retracted with a loop over the handlebar. Was able to break the plates loose through the dipstick hole and didn't have to pull the side case.

Condensate in this country is a major problem. In the sun during the day and reaching 140 degrees (F) (110 air) and then drop to 80 at night. I have had the same corrosion problem with valve electric actuator motors. The aluminum case breaths out in the day and sucks in moisture laden air at night and it condenses on the case. So I think the tank would rust out eventually with or without any gas.

The fix is get all the loose rust out by putting gravel in the tank and shake it, dump it out and do it over until there isn't anymore loose rust. Then as I recall there was a cleaner before putting in the epoxy liner.

Sears had sizes for motor cycle tanks and car / truck tanks.

I got rid of the teardrop top bar tank and replaced it with a Honda one from their 3 - 5 HP engines. I mounted it on the rear rack under the seat after painting it black with car lacquer and clear coat. It looks to be a galvanized finish inside and no signs of rust, although I have had rust in Honda tanks that were several years old.

The change in tanks was for safety. I can get on and off the bike much easier with the tank out of the way.

That is my 2 cents.

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