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Default Re: Flatless Tires or tubes ????

I'm still good with my setup...been commuting to work every day with no problems...even cruising at 25mph now!

I did add more pressure to my rear tire, as it felt a bit squirrely on uneven surfaces like driveway entrances on sidewalks, for example. I guess I'm up to around 40-45 psi now, and everything happy.

I would have liked to get the rear No-More-Flats on, too, but now I'm actually glad that I can control the PSI in the back to adjust for a more comfortable ride.

I ran over glass yesterday - heard the front tire crushing it, and had no worries at all of a front tire blowout! That was pretty dang cool. The rear tire is pretty well-protected too, with the Kevlar tire and the Mr. Tuffy's, although my paranoia made me pull over and check everything worries, and I really love my bike!

Now I just gotta stop buying stuff for it!

I'm actually thinking about going back to the balloon tires now that I think I figured out the flat's problem (the rear tire fix)...thoughts?
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