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Default Re: Snow Ride / Not so easy

Originally Posted by Riding Rich View Post
Yes that is what i was thinking but some think skis = death.
I'd hate to find out the hard way. = death
Have any of you tried anything like this?
Or Had a bad experience with skis.

Just thinking maybe it would help to stabilize the front wheel.
I would set the skis a little up from the bottom of the wheel.
Obviously if the front wheel came off the ground i'd be in trouble.
I was referring to the "training wheel" skiis. Someone I used to race with whos opinion I respect (not internet ) bought a set and almost killed himself. He later learned another person actually did. Apparently the problem occurs when you bank.

I'm told regular bikes with one ski in front and also with skis in back are not so dangerous but I'd hesitate to try either of those with a motor.
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