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Default Re: bicycle motor vibration

Originally Posted by Egor View Post
HookWorm - Yes on a slow revving engine that is a good answer. I do have a 39 tooth sprocket on the Green Hornet. I like the smaller sprocket keeping the noise down also. Have fun, Dave
I just picked up an "Upgrade Kit" on eBay from LiveFastMotors...$15 will get you a 40t sprocket, new chain, and a few other items...I'm currently using a 44t, and the entire reason I went with a smaller sprocket was to get rid of the vibrations at 25-26mph. Not planning on going much faster, but I should get a bit better gas mileage and of course lower the vibrations at that speed.

I have not gone any faster than 26.2mph (says my speedometer), so I don't know if it smooths back out at higher revs, but honestly, I don't want to find out. It sounds like I'm at the redline at 25mph... who knows, my throttle is only about 2/3 open...I know it will go faster, but do I really want my motor turning any faster?
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