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Default From this to this...

Earned a shift kit and motor kit from a custom build I did for a guy. Decided it was time to upgrade my slow cruisin' stretch to a fast and low racer. So I replaced the 40cc motor with a bigger one, pirated the derailer and rear hub from my Schwinn Jaguar, found a cool front wheel w/ treadless tire in the alley, added caliper brakes, traded the ape hangers for some drag bars (had to cut all my cables shorter) and found some cool pinstripe decals at a bike shop.

Haven't got it up to top speed yet. As close to the ground as this bike puts me, 40 mph is scarey enough. I know with a good back wind I could hit close to 50 mph (helmet required)!

From this... To this...
Hurricane1.jpg Deathcycle.jpg

GAWD I love this hobby!

Edited 12/13: Rains finally stopped long enough to take this little racer out on it's trials. Good googly moogly, w/ a shift kit and 7 speed hub this bike is SCAREY fast . MUST upgrade the brakes...takes FOREVER to stop with these little caliper brakes.

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