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Default Re: Snow Ride / Not so easy

Originally Posted by jcchappy View Post
ye get some of those water ski's i always see in the thrift good store for like $5. mount the to the forks. they're like 5 ft long make the where when you turn it doesnt hit the back wheel. man i wished it snowed around here I want to build this now.
Water skis and snow skis are made quite a bit different,,,,
You might be able to water-ski on some snow skis, but water skis don't work in the snow.
The water skis will slide around in the snow for certain, but not how you want.
They will slide equally in all directions, because the bottoms of water skis are flat, not grooved lengthwise like snow skis are.

Also the water skis won't really turn at all, because they are made not to bend, and the side edges bulge out.... Snow skis are flexible and they are hourglass-shaped; the ends are wider than the middle (where your foot straps on).
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