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Default Re: "Why you put an engine on your bicycle?" and best answer goes to...

Originally Posted by marioaz View Post
Hated pedaling as child, mini-bike infatuation, and would take long bike trips across Brooklyn, NY. In 1964, we moved to what was then a rural area of Staten Island. So.....
When 13 years old (1966) had a welder fab a plate for $7 so I could mount a lawnmower engine on an "English Racer". No pedals, belt and pulleys on left side from engine to crank, chain on right side to rear, wrap cord pull start, no brakes, string for a throttle. Was blasting down a winding stretch of road near my house, where traffic would slow behind me before I could shoot into a grocery store parking lot and shut it down. Well, my dad was in that line of traffic, threw my bike in the trunk (big trunks back then) and I was done. I showed him and bought a Lambretta scooter for $50. He also confiscated that one.
Still a thrill having a powered bicycle.
Great Story Mario. Really would make a great short story. Should write it down even if on a blog. Is a cool glimpse.

I was a preschooler in the Bronx 1968 or so. Lost my first fist fight in an alley on Baily AV, lol. Scared the bejibas out of me. I was 4 and he had a stick yelling "you better run"

2 late, I already was.
worst apocalypse ever
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