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Default Re: Do slant heads really make a difference in power?

Originally Posted by Riding Rich View Post
Really? i have allways ran a 36T.
I would think the bigger sprocket would make it easier.
So as far as the sprocket goes you think it's better not to change it.
I would think with the slant and a 50T i wouldn't need to peddle to takeoff.

What kinda experience you got out there?.
Just the opposite. Think about it. Big sprocket on back easy for engine to turn wheel. Hard for wheel to turn engine. Ratios work in reverse when wheel is turning engine.

That's theory but it was driven home last week when clutch on my 32t (travel bike) started slipping and I switched to the 54t (tow bike). Again obvious when I fixed and went back to using the 32t.

Also note that super low gear in motorcycles and cars causes loss of control on ice. Wheels break loose easy when locked to engine. Best of all is clutch disengaged.
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