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Default Snow Ride / Not so easy

Well rode 5 miles to work today after about 6 in or more snow last night.
On the packed down stuff not too bad.
The deep snow is next to impossable.

I don't have studs yet.
Gonna have to do something for sure.

Wiped out 1 time crossing over railroad tracks.
Didn't get hurt luckily.

I rode with one foot on the ground and the back tire spinning the whole time.
Very hard to peddle / Especially to start.
Got to get a pull start.

I'm thinking studded tires for sure and if i can figure a way..........
Mount small pair of Skis one on each side of the Front Fork.

Have to be adjustable so i could raise them when there isn't snow on the road.

Really turned out to be alot harder than i thought.
Not gonna give up.
Gonna get some better gear.
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