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Default Re: 2 stroke straight pipe

Originally Posted by misteright1_99 View Post
What do you mean by a straight pipe? Just a lenght of pipe the same size the length of the run, with no "can" or muffler? On a two stroke engine your performance would suffer, there needs to be backpressure. On a four stoke it might not affect performance as much.
Hi misteright.... yea I was just talking about a length of pipe. Thanks for letting me know that performance would suffer. The reason that I'm wondering about all of this is that my next door neighbor is a great welder and said that he would make me one if we could come up with something to make. Can you point me in a direction? I need to know how to make a muffler!

I figure we can come up with a prototype and share it with a few friends and see how they like it and get some feedback. We just might have us the beginnings of a small muffler company lol...

I appreciate your input and help. And anyone else's too!
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