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Default Re: "Why you put an engine on your bicycle?" and best answer goes to...

Almost every comment here is good enough for me.

I always wanted a bicycle with a engine, just for short distance errands.
Also, I am a Geocacher and I like biking. When a new geocache comes up I can get to it fast with my china girl. When they are within 10 miles of my home. And I guess I am a dog, cuase I Love the wind in my face.

It is funny when someone says "YOUR CHEATING" I just shrug my shoulders and say Only one I am cheating is the Oil Companies. They do not know what to say, then I say, can you go to the store and home in your car for around .05 cents.
There is not a beer that can resist my lips.
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Geocaching using billion dollar military satellites to find tupperware in the woods.
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