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Default First build complete! pics attached

Hello all. I have finished my first build, a Skyhawk 66cc kit from KingsBikes on a Cranbrook straight from Wal-Mart. I already have about 125 trouble free miles on it. I ordered the kit from Kings and recieved it in about 3 or 4 days and was completely satisfied with the product and service. I spent about a week reading all of the advice and tips found throughout the forum and then completed the build in a marathon weekend session. Total build time was about 24 hrs. including paint & custom touches. I solved the oversized down tube problem by squeezing the frame in a vise. Other than that it was pretty much bolt in. The 'custom' air cleaner was made by simply putting a hole in the stock cover and inserting a dress-up filter that goes in the valve cover of a V-8 sold at any autozone for about 8 bucks. I painted the frame with black spray can primer and added various orange accents and scallops on the tank for that 50's rat-rod look. I also removed the fenders and put the front one on the rear to give it a 'bobber' style look, and used the rear prong of the fender mount that usually goes behind the fork to mount my tail light. I replaced all the fasteners and studs with American hardware as so many of you suggested, as well as stuffing rubber in between the cooling fins. I used pieces of 1/4" fuel hose split in half. I painted the head and sidecovers black. Put a Wal-Mart motorcycle handlebar bag behind the seat to carry tools & junk. I did have to ditch the dust cover and bolt the sprocket directly to the outside of the spokes to line up the chain and get the coaster brake working properly but that is moot since I plan to order a complete rear wheel and brake from Spooky Tooth right after christmas, and so far havent had any problems running it as it is. I ride it 2 miles to work and back every day and all over town in between. Here is a link to check out some pics, hope you dig it and a huge Thank You! to everybody on the forum for support, tips and advice! Pictures by brclewis3 - Photobucket Any feedback would be appreciated. I'm also considering adding a spinger style front fork.

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