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Default Thinking EZM or Skyhawk / Grubee

Hi Guyís, Iím a new member here and after looking over the forum I found out thereís a lot of great information from all the wonderful members. Iím an old boy of 68 years and now retired due to a stroke two years ago. The stroke left my right side num like tingling or the feeling of asleep. I had to sale my motorcycle because of its weight and my problem of being num. I had fourteen Harleys over the years ďone at a timeĒ and sold my last beloved 88 Springer. Iíve been exercising by riding my Schwinn cruiser bicycle. Riding my bicycle is what started all of this. I get tired pretty fast so I thought of putting a motor on her. I looked here and found EZ- MOTORBIKE so thatís sounds good a four Cycle with a Q-MATIC transmission no pedaling. So I called Mike in Sacramento and talked about it and he said they have the parts in process and will cost $650. Iím too impatient so I ordered a Skyhawk / Grubee ll, a 48cc with an Anglefire 45-degree head complete kit $169. With free shipping. The kit comes today via FedEx.
I hear that no more small two-stroke engines will be sold to CA in 2010 hope I can buy parts for mine. Iíll order an EZM kit from Mike after my new Chinese motor canít be rebuilt any more.
Iím very slow using the FORUM I donít know all the key buttons to use and Iím slow at typing and bad spelling. It took two days to send a private message LOL.
Please excuse me for getting back to you all. Iíll be here looking over the forum and thinking of all of you.

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