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Default Re: plug wire??

First question would be is the top of the spark plug threaded or is there a cap, about 3/16" diameter on it? The spark plug boot that comes with most kits are designed to snap onto the threaded portion at the top of the plug. If your plugs have tha metal cap it will need to be removed. Some unscrew easily and some require some force and maybe a pair of pliers or vicegrips to loosen it. Once the cap is removed the boot should snap on and hold. Many of us replace the kit supplied boot with a good automotive quality boot that does not require removal of the plug cap. I can't help you on the difference in spark plugs that came with your kit. Most suppliers will give you two; one is a spare but they are usually the same plug. In addition to replacing the plug boot many replace the plug also with a better quality one. Look for the NGK-B6HS. They're available at most good auto parts stores. Hope this answers your question.
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