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Default Re: different way to change fuel/air mix?

Originally Posted by tyrslider View Post
I think you mean lower octane don't you? E-85 is Oxygenated 85 Octane? If it has the affect of leaning it out it is comparable to lower octane gas. Higher octane gas burns slower, more controlled and requires more compression to burn properly! So it does run better leaned out but it's not "race" gas it's a properly "tuned" fuel delivery sytem.

2 strokes are typically low compression motors and don't require high octane gas. They do love to run lean though! That is, until they sieze!

Toker, the needle only affects fuel mixture from about 1/4-1/2 throttle. Idle jet (circuit) below 1/4 and main jet above 1/2 throttle.

Don't mean to be nit picky but gasoline properties are widely misunderstood and the source of much confusion.

P.S. If you want to tune your engine, learn how to tune your engine! I think it kind of backward to look for a chemical mixture to solve your engines running issues.
e85 is 85% ethanol, the 85 refers to the ethanol content not the octane, e85 is 105 octane, thats why the turbo guys run it, you just need to tune for the leaner properties, to run on e85 you generally will need to go up 5 jet sizes, for methanol 10 sizes, thats a rule of thumb and you need to dial it in with spark plug color. i run an e85 mix in my srt4 works great for keeping it in high octane mode.
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