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Default Re: Do slant heads really make a difference in power?

Originally Posted by K.i.p View Post
Took a close look at my generic "Pizhou Yongxing Gasoline Engine Factory" 80cc today. Although it has the slant head the piston does not rise above the jug at TDC. Also the piston has a flat top with the number "two" stamped but no arrow. It would seem there are destinctions between the PK-80 (also "Pizhou Yongxing Gasoline Engine Factory" ) and my less expensive generic. I just thought I would add to the data base.

Below: the bottom of my head after dremel and polish work. Also a couple pics of the motor straight from the box.
nothing generic about that phizou yongzing its a power king awesome motor. yes the slant head adds power all around i did a run with the straight head and followed by the slant and it was way more powerful..
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