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Default Re: "Why you put an engine on your bicycle?" and best answer goes to...

I have no car anymore and i am layed off of work. I cannot peddal very far on my bike.
Im not very big so its not from lack of exercise,im actually skinny and tall,but i have bad knees and back from working and i have no health insurance and receive no disability money.
The electric bike i had would not go very far and if the wind blew it would not go at all, When the batteries needed replacing i decided to buy a gas engine kit for a bike instead and it goes faster and farther for a low price of just gas and oil and doesnt need much mantaince if any at all.

When i worked i would walk back and forth,bought a regular bike,then a electric bike,got layed off and bought a gas bike kit for work but have not been called back to work(been 1 year now).

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