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Smile "Why you put an engine on your bicycle?" and best answer goes to...

For us MBers, probably, the most common question you'll hear is "Why did you put an engine/ motor to your bicycle?"

Some people makes it sound like it's a stupid silly thing to do, and it's not really that question, but it's how some people asks about it...

So vote for your best answer or response when people asks 'why on earth would you put an engine/ motor to your bicycle?':
a) It's better than putting pedals on a motorcycle.
b) It's lots of fun, and I was bored.
c) I was bored and I want to annoy you.
d) It has better mileage and I get some exercise.
e) It's legal!!!
f) Pollution is better than perspiration.
g) I like riding bicycles but don't like to pedal.
h) It was a gift and can't return it, coz I like it!

and best answer goes to...
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