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Default Winter weather endurance test.

Just got this in an email at work from the coorporate office. 3:30 PM wendsday.

Security Update

TO: Erie Plant Employees

National Weather Service in Cleveland is very concerned for our area, specifically the City of Erie and nearby lakeshore. The Lake is very warm and the front coming in is very cold. This could potentially turn into a major lake effect snowstorm. Another concern is the wind, which could produce near blizzard like conditions.

What is expected?
The winds are expected to die down a little this afternoon and then pick back up later this evening. The question is will everyone have their power back on in time for the snow/cold temperatures? The winds may be as strong or even stronger than those of this morning so we may have residents without power to assist.


Local Emergency Management Coordinators notify their EOC staff and Brief their Elected Officials.

Facilities/organizations review their emergency plans and procedures.

Everyone keep a very close eye to the weather reports.

Donít forget to use 5-1-1 for state road conditions, for those who have to travel, etc.

Please use Knowledge Center if you have access. If you have any resources needs please contact your local Emergency Management Coordinator first.

It's gonna be a test to see if i can make it through the winter.
Hopefully i'll be doing this.

And not this.

Wile everyone else is

Yee hawwww it's bound to be a good time.
PS I'm only 32 years old going on 12.
Lots of snomobile hours in - degree weather.

First time on a bike.

Hope i don't break anything
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