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Default Re: different way to change fuel/air mix?

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
Like I said, don't freak on me math freaks, but isn't 50 parts gas to one part oil twice as much as 25 parts gas to one part oil? That's a huge difference.
no because that's comparing gas to oil not gas to gas. If you mix a gallon of 50:1, it is going to have 50 units of gas in every 51 units mix, if you mix a gallon of 24:1, its going to have 24units gas in every 25 units of mix so 50/51 = 98% gasoline in 50:1 while 24/25 = 96% gasoline, so you are really only changing the amount of fuel by 2 percent. Even if you go to 16:1 its still 94% gas, so using more or less oil is really just for very fine tuning.

Also, paraffin lamp oil?

And does anyone have an reason they can back up to why i shouldn't at least try this?
-Phil in CT
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