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Default Re: The creation of CRU

alright, new found rally faith has been found. I have stumbled across Motor Boys, and we are organizing a partnership, a new rally is being formed since thunder bay apparently has issues with these engines, (cops are pullin them over left right and center) and Sudbury officials are now ignoring me. With the prospect of teaming with Motor Boys, this rally can be much larger and more organized than it ever could have been, with 50+ possible local riders, the riders coming to join from other places, Motor Boys expansive mailing list, and the already on board sponsors, this could happen. Yes, it's a different location, but the location really hasn't ever been solidly in stone. I really would have loved to have it in Thunder Bay, or Sudbury, but these are apparently not options for a rally in 2010. Looks like Cambridge, or somewhere between here and there. As more information becomes available, it will be posted. I will be introducing Motor Boys to CRU as well, and we'll see if we can get a real rider union going on. I'll update you all as it comes!
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