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Default Re: How would describe the HT China Girl?

I would say for all HTs, cheap and tuneable.

They are not just bolt on things, even if your motor and cables/controls are perfect the chain is very annoying to set up and adjust, particularly the first time. Even the jackshaft requires adjustment to get it working properly, but not nearly as much trouble as I've had with the chain. And that doesn't count to numerous common issues with the killswitch, magneto, carb, cooling, balancing, clutch, included controls, and mounting. What can be said is while you can have a million problems, they are not all likely to be in the same box. An HT with a magneto problem will not likely also have a clutch problem etc.

If you have at least a basic mechanical knowledge, know how to check and fix problems with anything the kit comes with, and have some time, they are great little engines, and the peak output with simple tuning is high (5-6hp and at least 3lbs-ft of torque), not counting what you can get if you invest. When paired with the jackshaft it's a good starter motorbike as well.

You can build a working moped with gears for about $350 with an "80cc" HT, including headlights, a mirror and dual-brakes. Try that with four-strokes or better out-of-box engines.
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