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Default Re: Engine for this bike?

Yep my grubee will go 45 MPH with a single spped 36T.
And yes i run it all the time up to 8000 rpm.

As far as the gaskets.
I working on pricing to buy some copper plate.
If i can get my hands on some i'll laser burn Exhaust Gaskets / Head Gaskets / Intake Gaskets all outta copper.

If i could off enough of them prolly would only cost a few bucks a pc.

I use .005 inch thick base gasket, so i need the height in the head gasket.
With the standard base gasket i'm sure you could get rid of 1 head gasket.
But again don't do it unless you check clearence.

Bottom line is it takes skilled engineers like myself to fix all of the inherrant chineese flaws.

From what i've seen every motor has it's quirks.

What do you expect for $100 bucks.

The learning expirence and fun involved is worth far more no matter what brand of engine you have.