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Default Re: Engine for this bike?

Send me one and i'll gladly review it.
Haven't had any of the RAW Engines.

Dose it have a 23 roller cagless needle bearing on the crankshaft big end ?

That's what really impresses me about the PK.

Plus the Dome Piston and the slant head yeild a 9.4 : 1 Corrected Compression Ratio with 2 head gaskets in place.

Whats the comp ratio of the RAW ?
I'd love to have one.
But my wife cut off my spending till after Christmas.

I love all these Happy Time Engines.

When i was new to things i got sold on the Grubee cause of the Hype.
I found out that it wasn't the best.
I have heard Good things about the Raw.

Really though i think it comes down to bearings, no matter what the motor is capable of if the bearings cant handle it , the thing wont last.

Piston and head design would be #2 consideration.

Last but not least i would anaylize the porting #3.

I can tell you all about the motor bassed off these things without even running it.

If someone has even a Broken not running RAW if your willing to donate it to the cause i'll gladly take a look.
I'll send it back when i'm done.

I think we should have a sticky with a teardown of each motor.
Then everyone could make an educated descision bassed on the facts not opinions.
We all seem to favor what we own.
We all have our own opinions.
Everyone could argue indefinatly about there opinion but thats not productive.

A thread as i said for each engine with all the COMPLETE DETAILS and specifications.
Mathematically calculated and accuratly measured.
With the cad drawings to illistrate it all.
Would serve us all very well. and eliminate opinions.

The other thing to consider is the ability of the intended owner, and what chareteristics would suit the owner the best.

I would never put my wife on a bike with a PK80. wife =

More like a robin suburu.

Anyway Peac people.
Lets all help each other "THATS WHAT THIS FORUM IS ABOUT".

Gasbike / KingsMotors Ripped me off.

Pirate Cycles has gone above and beyond what i ever coulda expected for customer service.
Also they are on the EAST Coast so it take me less time to get shipment cause i'm on the east coast.

Venice Motor Bikes
I am sure someday i'll get a RAW just outta curiosity.
When i do it will come apart long before it ever sees the bike.

Now lets get back to Porting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!