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Default Re: Engine for this bike?

i was wondering what the deal is with the PK's coming with two head gaskets. in my opinion, that seems like a band-aid fix for a design flaw. wouldn't that be more prone to leaks and head gasket failure?

if the piston hits, why didn't the makers of the PK either machine the engine properly, or else make a thicker head gasket?

with the way it's set up, where's the gain in performance? seems like if you build a higher compression motor, but then you have to scale it back to work properly, you're doing something wrong.

not to add gasoline to this burning controversy, but the performance difference between a PK and a Grubee or any other properly tuned motor is probably not even worth arguing about. you might go, what, 1 or 2 miles an hour faster with one or the other? the slower engine could offset that by getting better tires...

also, from what i've seen, the Grubee 49's come with the mount for oversized tubes, the 66's dont.

since there's no standard in bicycle frame design, the "bolts right up" argument is moot.

on a side note, i'll put my Grubee up against any other motor out there. 'cause mine goes really really fast...