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Default Re: 2-Stroke HT Cross Flow Design

Thats correct.
On my PK80-J with the dome shape piston....
The crown or rounded piston shape is quite a ways above the top of the jug and the exhaust port.
In the Serious Porting thread i have drawn this.
We will see where things are at on the Transfer soon.

The Air / Fuel mix is sucked in under the piston.
The the piston compresses the crankcase going down to BDC.
The transfers open and let the mix in the cylinder above the piston.

The Transfer ports have a nice angle on one side and at the top of each port.
This directs the Airflow up to the top of the cylinder and avoids conflict with the exhaust port. ( Called SHORT CIRCUT )

Also the ports flow at each other causing the mix 2 to collide keeping it in the cylinder and spinning like a tornado.

Got to realize as well that the amoun of time things are happening at is very quick.

like in the .00013 fraction of a second.
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