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Default Engine Still Won't Start :((

I posted a thread a couple days back describing my problem with the engine not starting. I thought the problem was due to the carb slide getting stuck inside, so I went ahead and unjammed the slide (took a couple yank). Now the throttle and everything is smooth. So I went outside and tested out, pedaled to a good speed and let the throttle go, and the engine would not start

Potential problems:

1. The clearance between my carb and the back of the bike frame is tight, real tight. Even with the air filter off, there's still only half an inch of space. Maybe the back of the frame is blocking the air from going into the carb air inlet?

2. My old spark wire busted, so I purchased the high performance plug wire from However, I wasn't too sure how to install the wire onto the magneto. I just took the old one out, and shoved the new one in and it's barely on there. With a little wiggle, the wire comes off right back out. So, maybe the problem is, I'm not getting a spark on my plug. Does anybody know the proper way to install the plug wire from sickbikeparts? Or maybe my magneto just went bad?

3. There's a small gap between the exhaust pipe and the engine (This is due to the broken threads inside the engine and the bump on the exhaust where it gets attached). Could this be the cause of the engine not starting?

My wiring seems to be correct.

Other than that, I can't see where it could go wrong.

Helps are greatly appreciated. It's really frustrating to see the engine not run when it did a couple days ago. Have fixed parts one by one, but to no avail... Thx

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