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Default Re: Engine for this bike?

Originally Posted by NYNEOMITE View Post
Troyboy - I am new to this site but I find that all forum sites have this same attitude. You don't have to be an jerk to promote your product and you don't have to bad mouth other products. I am sure he said they were all the same because for the most part, with this little exception of your new slant head, they are all the same.

And you have to be crazy to say that a 66cc can't make it up a hill without pedal assist. I have a 49cc on a heavy Micargi limo cruiser with my 165lbs and I can make it up hills without pedaling. It's not that fast, but a lot faster than I could pedal.

Just promote your product and sell it's benefits. It comes off much better. Pretend your talking to people face to face, not sittin behind some computer half a country away. Venice is a nice guy. Be respectful.
Woe Woe Woe...
I meant no disrespect by anything I said NYNEOMITE. Much respect to you, Venice and this entire forum first of all..
I simply stated that all HT's are not all the same. I told you facts that I know. Not things I'm not sure about... Whether Venice is a good guy or not.. I don't know. Thats not what this was about. Its about all HT kits being the same. Thats the post I responded to. This is about motors not personality.

If you frequent these places allot "Forums" than you know its hard to read someones attitude in a text. I meant nothing more by it then what was said.. I'm from Boston. This is how we talk to people face to face!
No disrespect meant by that neither.

Sorry if I came off wrong!
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