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Default Re: How would describe the HT China Girl?

what i mean by user error, is improper installation, improper fuel mixture, half-a55ed repairs, improper torque, incorrect problem diagnosis, hillbilly performance mods... the list is endless.

plus, improper bicycle maintenance and riding habits.

i'm sure there's a lot of people out there who meet all of the above, and they're the one's who are gonna claim "hopelessly unreliable."

there's people who can unearth a tractor, half-buried in the frozen ground for 50 years and restore it to like new condition.

then there's people who can take a brand new motor out of a box, and wind up with a doorstop with no studs, and broken muffler and carb paperweights.

and then there's all kinds of people in between.

for some, the tiniest problem can be insurmountable, like a carb leak or a broken stud.

for others, a cracked case and a seized piston is just a way to make it better the next time.
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