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Default Re: Engine for this bike?

Originally Posted by troyboy View Post
Actually Venice our slant head kits here at Pirate Cycles have 1.55 inch front mounts and they connect directly to most beach cruisers. Whey do you tell people they are all the same? Most of the other kits have a 1.25 inch front mounts, but not all of them.

Also, the new slant heads here are probably the most powerful stock ht kits on the market today.
Far from the 66cc kits I first tested that would not make it up a little hill without a pedal assist. I tested many.

Our limited kits have Slant heads for more compression, Gen 4 muffs that actually breath, Extended clutch arms for easier pull, wider 1.55 inch front mounts. Simply more advanced than other kits on the market today. Lots of people are posting about them now and they are not the same as the all the other kits. PK80-J. check em out! Jim the manic, flybytaco, ridingrich, zeptonic, and many more have tested. These people can back this up.

Pirate Cycles
Ok, I just figured out what you are saying... Fairracing says that your front mounts are 1/4" WIDER than others!!! (for fat down tubes)
Most cruisers need the front mount to be LONGER to reach the curved down tube!!!!
So why are you telling everyone that your engines bolt directly to most cruisers when they really can't?

& I still want to see some proof of your engines 'power' claims, (not what the factory claims)

Originally Posted by fairracing31 View Post
Grubee also has the wide front mounts on the 58 and 66cc motors.
Thank you for pointing that out to me!
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