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Default Re: Engine for this bike?

Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
The engine kits that are sold by eveyone of us are all the same size & bolt on the same!!
You will have to do a little easy mod to the front mount to make the engine fit in a cruiser frame, but you can find all that info right here!!

Also, plan on adding a front brake to your bike ASAP! The rear coaster brake will eventually fail if used alone!!

& "YES"... the universe DOES actually rotate around us!! It's a scientific fact that's been proven in lab tests!! lol
Actually Venice our slant head kits here at Pirate Cycles have 1.55 inch front mounts and they connect directly to most beach cruisers. Whey do you tell people they are all the same? Most of the other kits have a 1.25 inch front mounts, but not all of them.

Also, the new slant heads here are probably the most powerful stock ht kits on the market today.
Far from the 66cc kits I first tested that would not make it up a little hill without a pedal assist. I tested many.

Our limited kits have Slant heads for more compression, Gen 4 muffs that actually breath, Extended clutch arms for easier pull, wider 1.55 inch front mounts. Simply more advanced than other kits on the market today. Lots of people are posting about them now and they are not the same as the all the other kits. PK80-J. check em out! Jim the manic, flybytaco, ridingrich, zeptonic, and many more have tested. These people can back this up.

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