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Default Re: Engine for this bike?

Originally Posted by Tcams_Zonie View Post
Alot of the newer bikes these days have over sized tubing that doesnt allow some motors to mount to the front tube. You can make a front motor mount or you can buy one on one of the sites on the side of the forum.They will cost your around 20 to 30 bucks or you can make one yourself which will cost you less than 5 bucks.

I have a huffy cranbrook that I used for my first build and It makes a great Motorized Bike. I wish I had a few extra bucks to spend on a better bike but I didnt at the time.

I believe Pirate Cycles has an engine that will fit the cranbrook with having to pay or make a front motor mount. I could be wrong though. If I am someone correct me.
Good luck
You are correct cams,
The Jet slant head LI kits we have do come with a 1.55 inch front mount vs's the same old, lame old 1.25 inch front mount. Lots of the older kits and grubees have the 1.25 inch front mount. Our engines connect directly to the frame of most beach cruisers.
Thanks for piping in cams,