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Default winter is here, and the police told me i need a motorcycle licence. larf.

well, i may not be on the boards as often. alas, the police told me that i shall be fined heaviliy if caught again.... i wouldnt be so worried about it if i hadnt missed court twice. ( and the thought of loosing my little bike devastates me inside )

so in a fitting retirement, its been parked away in the back shed with a light dusting of snow on its top until next spring. Hopefully by then they will have forgotten about me. at the very least, ill have my court crap straightened out and wont be too afraid to fight the fines riding it comes with. (since its technically not legal.... there is no definition of a kit moped in ontario's mto) i might be able to modify it heavily and get it registered and plated as an actual moped. it helps having buddies who own a honda/can am dealership. i might get them to safety it for me and use the vin on the frame as my actual vin. then i can buck the man when he talks to me next time!

to those who havn't had their riding fun spoiled, keep at it. wear your helments and set up your bikes fittingly if being used to commute. the man caught me fully suited with a DOT/snell approved dirtbike helment and front and rear lights and i still got futtbucket regardless. but it definitly heled keep the "good" cops off my back as they usually looked and continued when id pass them.

happy holidays from the humsuckler!

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