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Default Re: 35-40 MPH, Really?

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post


1. When I had the idler, the idler wheel kept slipping down the adjuster guide. I had to use super-human strength to secure it since one side doesn't have a nut for vice grips to grip to.

2. The idler has to be bent to run true with the chain. I didn't have the correct equipment to bend the idler and I didn't intend to buy any.

3. The idler has to be tightened very tightly against the frame. Tape is needed to keep it from damaging the paint but tape can cause the idler to slip.

4. The idler is noisy and puts unneccessary drag on the chain. My chain hasn't been stretching recently so I have no need for the idler.

This is my reasoning for the above comment. amen