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Default Re: Engine for this bike?

Originally Posted by maxsideburn View Post
I guess from my perspective it just feels like the frickin' universe rotates around southern california and it makes me quite angry.

Especially on car/motor's like if you live in that area you have access to ANYTHING...whereas down here I typically can't even find sports cars in junk yards (as a for instance), let alone a custom motor shop or anything else interesting.

Anyone have any ideas if the motors sold by zoombicycles will fit a Huffy Cranbrook without modification?
The engine kits that are sold by eveyone of us are all the same size & bolt on the same!!
You will have to do a little easy mod to the front mount to make the engine fit in a cruiser frame, but you can find all that info right here!!

Also, plan on adding a front brake to your bike ASAP! The rear coaster brake will eventually fail if used alone!!

& "YES"... the universe DOES actually rotate around us!! It's a scientific fact that's been proven in lab tests!! lol
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