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Default Re: Winter riding -20 and up to -50 winterpeg

Anthony - I suppose it's obvious but please be real careful with a heater's proximity to yer bike... I dunno what kinda heater yer talkin' about but even if there isn't an open flame - radiant heat can build up a lot more than expected. I'd bet that just havin' a heater in yer garage would be enough to take the bite outa the cold and keep yer ride comfy at night. If ya haven't gotten the heater yet - check out the oil-filled electric ones that look like an old-school radiator, that 'un I'd have no worries with puttin' near the bike

lol - this thread reminds me of the ol' army "jeep" (actually an M151 but w/e) I used as a daily driver for over a decade, built for the jungles of Vietnam it had a huge four core radiator dispite bein' a lil 4 cyl and wouldn't ever warm up in the Maine winter lol It had a canvas cover to go over the grill and a padded canvas "blanket" that attached over it's hood (both "factory" accessories) but still - the temp gauge would hardly budge. (yes - I messed with thermostats too heh)

The gear oil in the tranny would get so thick sometimes I couldn't even wiggle the shifter - no matter how much I kicked it and swore (SOP for mil-spec vehicles) and let me tell you - it takes a while for the trans to warm up if ya cant even move it at all lol

It's weird, despite drivin' it year-round I never got around to installing the heater kit till the last summer I owned it, then ofc I promptly sold it without even getting a chance to try the heater in the cold o_O *shrug* I shoulda never put the heater in lol
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