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Talking Re: Hello from Switzerland

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
nope - just a translation error

Professor was making a small joke, referring to these bikes as similar to an addiction - that even when you have one completed you will want another... and another... and maybe even another.

I too am building another despite the fact I already have one and very much enjoy it

Welcome to the forum by the way, it's good to have you here! I'm looking forward to seeing a project completed by someone as thorough as you

*Project = the planning and process required to make something, including the object itself until it's completed. So yeah, the meaning is the same.
Of coarse, dahh! No, when I read your quote, it totally made sense! This sentence structure would have meant in german something different.
I do want to have another... and another... and way more!

Thanx many for "lesson"

Will post pictures soon. The guy making the leafsprings has made one very, very nice first set up to look at. I was a bit concerned how to figure out the stiffness/setup of the springs. But, wow, that guy has it under control!

Cheers, Tom
PS: it's snowing now! Hmmmm, fat spike tires???
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