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Default Re: Winter riding -20 and up to -50 winterpeg

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
For anyone that doesn't know - block heaters are just to keep the oil's viscosity thin enough to let the engine turn over when it's that cold. The engine itself doesn't care but the oil thickens up so much as to prevent movement in such temperatures. It's also to keep the coolant from freezing and cracking the block - not a worry with an air cooled engine lol

It's less of a problem with two strokes as the oil is thinned by fuel, but you may experience hard starting. Best bet is to store/bring yer bike inside to warm it a bit if it is a pain to start in the cold.

Snowmobiles are a great example of how two strokes don't really care about cold temperatures, tho carb ice can be somewhat of a problem with these MBs. Carb ice is more of an issue of ambient humidity and the venturi effect, it's not uncommon for it to happen even at 60F if it's a very humid day. As usually cold weather is also really low humidity you shouldn't have much of a problem unless yer sucking a lot of spray from your tires or whatnot, which I suspect is what causes people to have problems with specifically these motorized bicycles in the cold.

As for heated gloves & such, those accessories line the shelves at any motorcycle/snowmobile shop - but if yer talkin' bout on your MB... even if you do have a battery those suckers draw so much power I doubt it'd work for long. Keep an eye out for the cheap chemical gloves and socks (they have a lil heater pack like an MRE) and/or they do sell ones that take D cell batteries too - try Walmart

edit - oh right I almost forgot lol, A big problem is actually your control cables - not so much the plastic but the cable lube itself. Just like with the engine oil problem I mentioned above, cable lube will thicken to the point of causing jamming issues - you could get stuck at WOT and other fun stuff so be careful.
Thanks BA. Good to know.

LOL Humsuckler. (dirty keybord) I have had that happen. Those cans of air work great and R cheap
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