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Smile Just saying hi to all the motorbiker out there!

Hi today's my first day here and well my 3rd not so lucky day working on my bike

From Van Nuys, CA

1st project ever a raw motor 80cc (65.9? what s the deal about that anyway?)

Originally i bought this almost brand new Schwinn Stingray to put the motor on it and look cool, I mean come on they are head-turners as bicycles imagine motorized.
But as i took the motor out i came up to the disappointment of my bikes beauty but unsuitable differences well at least for a stock kit maybe with different mounts and sprockets but far out reach monetarily for now.

So I went out to my garage to grab my good ol' beach cruiser and well the motor fitted with relatively ease

Now i got two problems

the bike had a wheel brake kindda took it out thanks to the sprocket.... that's going to be funny later on lol

And my bike sprocket wont move... buts that's another thread

Anyway just saying hi and please if you have a chance read my threads and help me out

Oh and well hope someday when my bikes working to go cruising around Mulloland Dr with some fellow motorized bicycle people!

I'm like this nowI want to be like that soon
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