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Default Re: first build,tools needed?

i blew up a falcon hub as well. the guy at bikedump in ottawa said it was inferior and they all do it....
i forgot about what i was posting in lolz

you need blue threadlocker. nail polish works too i have hered.

metric wrench set from 8 to 15mm
(i think the tank nuts are 8mm...)

you should also remove the studs for mounting the engine and intake/exhaust and replace them with 10mm metric bolts. the studs will break, mark my words. an atv/motorcycle dealership should have metric bolts. just ask them if you can go look in their hardware bin for what you need and offer them some money.

lockwashers of course.

make absolutley crtain your chain tentioner is tight and correctly aligned.

if you have a problem with teh chain rubbing the tire, you should install the sprocket with the dish facing out.

most importntly, do not forget about the boards, and remember we can help!

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