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Default Re: how to make a cheap layback seatpost.

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
thanks, dan. you're the one that told me to make this thread in the first place. now look at the mess you started...
LOL, did you see Animal House? "Face it you messed up, you trusted us" Kidding, kidding, put the bent seat post down!

I do think it is a great idea and will be trying it. Not sure it would be good for larger ridders but I weigh between 150 and 175 depending on time of year and doubt any future problems.

I have a Kulana that can only be ridden comfortably with a motor by folks around 4 foot nothing and I switch my 2Door brand bent seat post around on my bikes. Have about 7 sets of old handle bars around so when I get a spare couple of hrs, am going to make one and will post pics.

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