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Default Re: check out this cold weather mask!

They have some great ones at a local Army/Navy store by me. (I am thinking of getting the "Joker" smile one) Spent a lot of time at sea at below 0 temps and lots of wind. The trick is keep the cold air out, "whick" sweat away from your body and wear good headgear! Wind chill does not happen until the cold air gets near ya. "If your feet are cold, put a hat on" really does work.

I can't find any of the funny printed face masks, but they are out there,

skull facemask - Google Product Search

Chip in and get this for Fairracing when he defends his title at the next deat race? lol Motorcycle Dirtbike ATV Snowmobile Helmets Helmet Warhawks Mohawks Mohawk: Automotive Hardcore Biker Neoprene Motorcycle Face Mask Facemask: Automotive

the Joker one, New Joker Clown Neoprene Full Face Mask Muzzle Motorcycle Nose Mouth Adj Size: Clothing

Can ya tell I am ridding this winter? lol
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