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Default Re: check out this cold weather mask!

Originally Posted by xlite View Post
Neoprene? Maybe good for "gimp" games in the bedroom but I don't see the advantage over dollar store ski masks.
i've used both when i was climbing 1000 foot towers all over the country in the winter. the neoprene masks work hundreds of times better. they conform tightly to your face, and keep the warmth in. they're especially good in windy conditions, because the air won't flow through the dense material as easy as the cheap ski mask.

plus, they don't get all fuzzy like the ski mask, so you're not spitting out or sniffling up frayed threads.

oh, and when your nose runs, it soaks into the neoprene and your body heat warms it up, like a wetsuit. on the cheap kind, it just gets wet and freezes.

Thats funny and NASTY!! I like it.

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