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Default First Motorizedbike Project

Hey everyone,
Thanks a bunch for your info and discussion threads re motorbicycling! Iím planning to build my first motorized bike and need all the good info I can get and Iíve gotten quite a bit from yous all! Up to this point, my two hurdles have been figuring out how militant the cops are likely to be re the regulations for motorized bikes/mopeds; the other hurdle has been finding a reliable source for engine kits/parts that can ship/sell in California.

Iíve only talked to one guy in my area who had a motorized beach cruiserÖ his engine installation was kinda rickety and he kept looking over his shoulder for the cops, who he said were looking for him because he didnít have the right permit for his motorbike. This was over a year ago and I havenít seen this guy since.

My project bike is a 1960ís Schwinn cruiser, which Iíve had for a while. Iím aiming to install a CH48 motor and keep other modifications as simple as possible for the time being!

Thanks again and I hope to update yíall,
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