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Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
xlite - I'm curious as to why you would think this a "mistake"? It's true it's not a lighting coil, but I see no potential for damage.
I had almost identical experience to yours. Without goosing up the idle screw and knocking the gap down the bike would stall. Harder to start too. Some other locals did not have ignitions as robust as you and I so never got their engines to run at all.

I doubt there is any potential (pun) for damage but as I keep saying, these motors are marginal at best and need all the help they can get. As your plug wears and fouls it could mean the difference between being stranded and not.

I find LED headlight with rechargeable aa batteries a perfect solution for night riding. I think these add on magneto coils have potential (pun #2) also.

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